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ADO Fritos

I have always loved to create. When I was 11, I received my first bass guitar (Fender Jazz) and shortly after, my first computer (HP tower running Windows 95). It's no secret as to why I have such a strong passion for music and games. I am also continually inspired by my friends and others who have told their stories through music, gaming, and content creation. ADOstudios is a platform for me to share my story, and to elevate the creative pursuits of others who do cool things.

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TAC Stallion

My first memory playing a video game was in '98 when I found out Chucky Cheese had a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game! My mom must has spent enough money in quarters to buy that entire machine. I did end up actually beating that whole game, with the help of some older kids who were also dumping their parents money into it. Working as a team to achieve something that felt so daunting made me realize I greatly enjoy the community feeling that gaming can provide. Cooperating with others, whether that be through Video games, Board games, music or just listening to someone tell their story, is my favorite way to get to know people. I'm so excited to be a part of the ADOstudios' community and can't wait to be a part of all the new creative adventures.

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Tac Hakr

I've been gaming my entire life. At 3 years old, my parents bought a Nintendo Entertainment System. We played everything from Super Mario Bros and  Duck Hunt, to Kirby's Adventure. My brother had an Atari. We played Asteroids and Donkey Kong, which my mom bought me from a thrift store. I could talk about every game and every console/pc I grew up playing with, but the significant game was definitely Halo. We had lan parties every weekend with friends, and even my family would play with us. My dad built a house and specifically put CAT 5 ports in every room so we could just plug our cables into the wall instead of having trails of cables throughout the house floor. Needless to say, even though I have a family now with a loving wife and 2 kids, video games are a part of me and I hope I keep enjoying them as much as I do. I will not let my slow internet get in the way of my content creation any longer! promises. Save me Elon!

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Want to be a partner?

While I like to share the awesome work my friends are doing, I know there are people already doing that work that I haven't met. If you, or someone you know of, is interested in joining the ADOstudios team, feel free to reach out to me at for more details.

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