ADOstudios is part brand, part indie game studio, & part indie record label. It combines my love for music, gaming, and online communities.

ADOstudios has two simple goals: 

  1. Provide a creative outlet for projects in the disciplines of music, gaming, & content creation

  2. Feature and partner with other creatives in these disciplines to showcase their work

Brand - Inspired by the likes of Faze and 100t, ADOstudios is a content creation studio that not only seeks to produce quality content, but also seeks to build a community of people who enjoy gaming and music. YouTube will be the main outlet for both content I produce, as well as some of the content from our featured partners.

Indie Game Studio - Graduating with a game design specialization from Michigan State University (go green!), it has been a long dream of mine to produce and create games. While my career has taken me down the path of web development, this studio provides me with an outlet to launch games, as well as feature some of my friends who are doing awesome work as professional game artists, designers, and developers.

Indie Record Label - I’ve been making music for a long time, and hope to continue doing so. ADOstudios will be the home of all of my projects, from bands like Tightly Wound, to my solo work. Of course like everything else, I also want to feature artists and bands that I think you will enjoy. 

While ADOstudios features a lot of what I’m doing, I hope it becomes a place where I can share the work of other creatives as well. What makes ADOstudios unique is the ability to represent creatives in gaming, music, & content creation together under one roof. As we grow our ranks, I will always strive to promote community, collaboration, and authenticity.

This is just the beginning, and I hope to evolve this studio with you. You can join me by subscribing here, and by following our various social media channels.

- Anthony “Fritos” D’Onofrio