• Anthony D'Onofrio

July 2021 Updates

Hey everyone. I wanted to give a quick update on a few different ADOstudios projects.

Game Studio

Our first game is officially in active development. Being this is the first game I've worked on since college, I have no idea when I'll have more to share, but it will hopefully be sooner rather than later. BAD HINT: this is a project idea I think people will love, and it's a foundation project I hope to build on for awhile.

The Bride Atoned

I've been working on my first solo album under The Bride Atoned for a few months now. This month, I am continuing to finish the majority of writing and will begin recording. I'm very excited to share the first tracks soon and I'm aiming to hit an end of the year release.

Other Projects

Content creation from me will continue to evolve as I figured out what kinds of content I want to provide. I am still occasionally streaming on Twitch.tv/ado_fritos but the majority of my YouTube content ideas will sit on the back burner as the other two projects develop. However, YouTube will definitely be the source for project announcements, teases, etc.

Lastly, as my work here grows, the goal is still to expand the ADOstudios team. I hope to be able to announce more team members within the next year.

That's all for now,

Anthony "Fritos" D'Onofrio

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